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People are of two kinds: either your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity - Imam Ali

Our Vision

The Salaam Centre offers a unique shared space for the community. Open to all, it aims to fulfil the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of people from all walks of life, age and gender. Beyond the bricks and mortar, we seek to foster an environment of warmth, thought and creativity through the open interaction of users at the Centre, be it during a workout at the gym, a book club in the library or over coffee at the cafeteria. The Salaam Centre can become a place to enjoy with friends and family, a resource for work on projects and shared dreams, and ultimately a space to develop oneself and the community.

The Centre

Our facilities are designed to push people to excel. A state-of-the-art gym and sports hall will encourage healthy living and physical fitness; while a theatre, multimedia room and studio will help foster local artistic talent. The library and seminar rooms are an ideal space for learning and development; while dedicated prayer facilities offer a space for spiritual upliftment and contemplation.

Design & Environment

The Centre draws upon our rich Islamic cultural heritage, fusing it with cutting-edge design to create an architectural landscape in tune with our vision. The piazza, a tribute to the iconic Islamic courtyard, provides a vibrant social space between the sanctum of the Centre and the world outside. Shafts of light permeating the building and gardens with running streams help create a quiet haven away from our

busy lives. Integral to the Centre's philosophy is environmental sustainability. Our aim includes minimising CO2 emissions, conserving energy and water, reducing waste and maximising our recycling. We will produce a quarter of our own energy needs and use less than half the water that a standard building would use through the extensive use of green technology.

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