The Salaam centre will become a place to enjoy with friends and family, a resource for work on projects and shared dreams, and ultimately  space to develop oneself in the community.

Our facilities are designed to push people to excel. A state of the art Gym and sports hall will encourage healthy living and physical fitness; while a theatre multimedia room and studio will foster local artisic talents from all faiths.

The Library and seminar rooms are an ideal space for learning and development; while dedicated prayer facilities offer a space for spiritual upliftment and contemplation.

A 5000 square meters building, 2 minutes-walk from North Harrow tube station, and built 2 floor below ground and 2 and 3 floors above with the following facilities:

  • Dedicated prayer hall
  • Additional multi functional hall
  • Library
  • Restaurant
  • Sports halls
  • Gender specific gyms and Sports studio
  • Lecture theatre
  • Madrasah classrooms
  • Ghusl facilities
  • Children’s play area
  • Beauty salon
  • Youth games room
  • Language lab and multimedia studio
  • Board room

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