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Construction Update

Construction procurement in progress for Phases 2, 3 and 4

Headline: We are at present in the tender procurement stage and expect tender returns shortly.

Having achieved Design Freeze at the end of April 19, we collated all information for tendering purposes, and issued all documentation to 5 tenderers. The tender pack was substantial with all drawings, schedules, specifications, addendums, planning permission and building control documents, room data sheets, etc.

The tender solicitation is for a design and build contract, where the following designs are to be completed by the contractor:

  • Residual design for some elements of the works, like structural reinforcement details
  • Detailed façade arrangements, including secondary structural elements and fixings
  • Working drawings for MEP works
  • External works which needs to be re-configured due to security considerations from the discussions with the Met police
  • Some specialist works like ground source heat pumps, lifts, security installations like CCTV, audio visuals, etc

Tender returns are currently set for 09 Aug 19, although there may be an extension fo time if so requested by the tenderers.  Following on from the tender process, an evaluation report will eb prepared based on tender analysis and thereon, tender negotiations, etc

The results of the solicitation will also enable us to start the novation process for key disciplines such as architecture, although the structural engineers have already produced some structural details for the key elements of the next phase.

Cuhadaroglu, our supply chain partner in Turkey, is on course to complete the detailed design of the façade, although this is not required for at least another 6 months. This will allow enough time to procure and assemble the façade once the structure is up.
Watch this space for important information in the next update.



To date, we have raised approximately £10.05m from the target of £22.5m.
Please help us towards our total of £22.5m.

Below is a pictorial demonstration of our current fundraising – it shows not only where we are in terms of the total raised month to month (orange), but also our monthly standing order and regular income total (blue).


Our regular revenue stream allows us to move forward with the works. Please do consider setting up a regular donation.

We need £5m immediately and a further £5m in 18 months time.

A. Preferred option (this is really the time for you to help us out)

  1. We get offers of interest free loans from our patrons
  2. The amounts can range from £50k to £1m
  3. We will create a schedule of repayment starting from 5 years to 10 years maximum. We will pay back earlier where we can
  4. We will have legally binding contracts completed with the first charge on the site as a security.
  1. Option 2 (under process)
  1. We borrow £5m on interest only basis at say 3-4%. We will invite 4-5 individuals to offer personal guarantees for the difference between the LTV ratio and the £5m
  2. We have sufficient monthly income to service this debt
  3. We re finance in 18-24 months time against enhanced valuation of the site on interest  and loan repayment basis over a maximum period offered
  4. We will aggressively work to engage our currently monthly standing orders to treble the value
  1. Option 3 (under process)
  1. We launch a £10m social impact bond at say 3% coupon
  2. We mobilise a third of the investors
  3. We get this underwritten by a couple of banks

Please help in any of the ways above – or below..
Give us a loan: £50,000 or £100,000
Stipulate the date of repayment and we are confident we will pay back
Many have given us loans in the past and we have a clean record of paying back fully.

In the meantime we invite all of you, no matter what your means are to fill a standing order form or remit via Charity Checkout. Whatever the sum, no sum is too small.
Leave a legacy!
Every donor’s name will be displayed somewhere on the premises. Tell your grandchild you were instrumental in this unique project – the impact of which could be unimaginable!

We look forward to continue receiving the generous funding that the well-wishers of this project.

Click here to donate:
All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be emailed/posted to you for your donation.


  • Site visit: We would be delighted to accompany you to the site for you to see the progress of work with your own eyes at any time that suits you. You can come on your own or as part of a group.  Should you want to visit our project, please contact any member of the Project Team, contact us by email, Facebook or Twitter – we would love to show you around.

Could you sign a Direct Debit for £20/month? Be part of this inspirational and unique project. Leave a legacy. Be proud to tell your grandchild one day that you were ‘in it’.

Harrow Half Marathon


On 15th September, members from our support group are running the Harrow Half Marathon!

If you would like to sponsor any of the runners, please go to our Fundraising page:

At the bottom under “Fundraisers” you can see some of the runners who will be taking part.

More are being added all the time – if you would like to run for The Salaam Centre, please let us know by emailing us.

North Harrow Pharmacy


The Salaam Centre is always exploring innovative ideas for raising funds for our capital growth as well as financial sustainability once the Centre is built.

The opportunity arose to buy a pharmacy nearby and we completed our purchase on 1st March 2019. Located in North Harrow near VB & Sons and next door to Tesco Express, it is ideally placed to deliver many of The Salaam Centre’s community initiatives.
We have named it North Harrow Pharmacy for now, and plan for a full refurbishment and rebranding in the near future.

The strategic group for pharmacy development consists of Salaam Centre trustees, experienced pharmacists, healthcare professionals, small business experts and financial advisors.
Operationally, from next month, Neeshat Nasser who is an experienced clinical pharmacist will be joining us as the pharmacy manager.

Our main aim is to raise money by doing good; we will be looking to improving the health of those who need it most – the deprived, those with communication difficulties, risky behaviour and those who do not access healthcare through normal channels.
In this way we add social value and fulfil our moral and religious obligations to the wider community.

We will explore, in a controlled environment, the additional services (and therefore new sources of income) that a community pharmacy may be able to provide.
The services will be introduced in a regulated manner with measurable patient outcomes so that we have a solid evidence base and expand these throughout the community pharmacy network.
We will have researchers, academics, health economists and other professionals taking the lead so that the governance base of all this practice research is secure.

The above sets out the strategic direction – over time, we hope to be able to share with you the actual inputs and analyses of results for your consideration.

We ask all supporters of The Salaam Centre to become involved in this venture and use the pharmacy as much as possible.

  • Have your prescriptions dispensed at North Harrow Pharmacy
  • Buy your medicines and toiletries from us
  • Offer small business help, e.g. web design, finance, small repairs, voluntary deliveries etc.
  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same
  • Call the Pharmacy Team on 020 8863 1554 today – they are waiting for your call!

Please remember North Harrow Pharmacy and The Salaam Centre in your prayers.

Visitors to the site

As always, we welcome visitors to the site to see the amazing work being undertaken underground and at the ground floor level!

  1. Mustafa Walji (BWF), Mohamed A H Walji (Toronto), Nizar Merali (BWF), Amir J M Merali (Mombasa), Gulamabbas A H Walji (Toronto)
  2. Riyaz Devji from Vancouver with Dr. Nizar Merali
  3. Nadeem Khan and Amir Somji
  4. Hani Lalji and Khalil Arouni of Action Coach
  5. Fatema Dewji (Vancouver), Farida Merali (BWF), Sabera Wijesinghe (Vancouver)
  6. Karim Abid, Shiraz Merali, Fatema Merali


Potential Suppliers:

  • We would also like to give the opportunity to any individual or organisation who would like to do some of the work either as a material supplier or service provider. We can then offer them a chance to tender either directly or via a subcontractor.  This can be anything from supplier of tiles to lighting or specialist electrical equipment.  Please feel free to forward our message.

SICM’s ongoing activities

On 5th July, we had a fantastic talk by Dr. Nisha Kapoor on “Deport, Deprive, Extradite: 21st Century State Extremism”. As an assistant professor of Sociology at Warwick university, her expertise shone through with a welll thought through talk.

The following week we looked at the life of Imam Ali Rida (AS) with a talk by Shaykh Muhammad Jawad Shomali. His talk looked at the aspects of Imam Rida’s life and the way his life reflects on our lives today.

We then welcomed Sameer Rahim who talked about “Writing a British Muslim novel”. He focused on his experience writing his latest book and how the story came together. Those present were fortunate enough to obtain a signed copy from him!

Miqdaad Versi delivered a talk on “Differences of opinion in Shi’i Fiqh” on 26th July. In this talk, he looked at the development of Shi’i thought through history and how differing opinions have been present over time using key examples such as moon sighting.

If you missed any our talks, you can watch many of them on our YouTube channel:


If you want to know more about our regular programmes, please visit our website,

If you are interested in finding out more, or helping out in one of the above workstreams, please get in touch at or join our social media:

To make a direct donation in GBP:
Bank transfer: Habib Bank AG Zurich
Account: BW Foundation
A/C no. 20101920
Sort code: 60-94-99
IBAN: IBAN GB44 HBZU 7006 7220 101920

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